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19th August 2005

necrosteve10:50pm: your an ugly audience and i hate you all...
I just got this finished after two "I'm too poor to afford it in one session" sessions.
Current Mood: content

18th July 2005

evillucy2:39pm: Hey all, I just joined, I am a huge Space Ghost fan, more of a fan of Zorak, though
I love "Space Ghost Coast to Coast Season 2"- especially the episode where they have that cook-off- Zorak is da man, he should've had his own show

Hypnotic Mantis of the Apocalypse
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Current Mood: amused

29th June 2005

xsuecatwomanx5:39am: just one lick
I'm new.

I must go to the store now to get butter and cheese...
Current Mood: grateful

14th July 2004

phasevariance2:55pm: Hi!! It's me!!!
Chu from Germany!!!
I'm living together with my cat, my rats and my mantis.
I'm totally addicted to Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast (especially Zorak), since a friend of mine, from Canada, visited me with a lot of Coast-to Coast episodes, hehe.
Once, Cartoon network was also available in Germany (so I already was involved in this before:)), but somehow...I don't know what happened...


16th April 2004

lazylawriter3:08am: Zorak For President
What do y'all think? Should our beloved Mantis be the next commander in chief? It would be a tight race between him and Stewie from family guy...I mean, who is more evil?!

28th December 2003

abstractlogic12:10am: Hey, I'm Heidi. I wrote an e-mail to Zorak a few years ago and he told me I can rule part of the world when he takes over. Hah, I just thought that was cool.

12th September 2003

munkor10:20am: What's up? I'm 25 and live in Richmond, Va. The Way Outs are awesome and I like my pizza with orange ruffy.

17th May 2003

amangiechsin1:58am: Brak
Zorak is great, and that's why I joined this community, but I personally am a fan of "The Brak Show." Something about Brak in his everyday interaction with his mom, his brother, Zorak, and especially his dad just make me laugh nonstop. Ok, there's another post for this page, anymore?...
Current Mood: apathetic

7th June 2002

rubyjewellashes1:41pm: Hey everyone~

My name's MiShelle, I'm eighteen and live in Omaha...

how about you?

I know this is lame, but hey, it's a start.
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